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24 May 2023

Zoe Wyatt comments on the UK’s potential to become a global crypto hub in the International Business Times

Partner and Head of Crypto Tax and Accounting, Zoe Wyatt, discusses the current position of the UK in the global crypto industry, and its potential to become a global crypto hub, in the International Business Times.

Zoe’s comments were published in the International Business Times, 23 May 2023.

“The UK has an opportunity to be on the front foot as an international centre of financial commerce as a crypto hub. However, we must increase the pace otherwise we will be left behind.”

“By the government’s own admission it will be two years before any meaningful change to the UK regulatory regime for cryptoassets and we fear that the UK’s desire to be a global crypto hub will be usurped by another faster acting jurisdiction. The UK is taking baby steps whilst the EU and US surge ahead.”

Zoe Wyatt

Zoe is a Partner at Andersen Tax in the United Kingdom. Specialising in international tax, she develops the blue-print solution to her clients’ cross-border needs.

Email: Zoe Wyatt