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16 Jun 2022

Zoe Wyatt comments on Celsius halting customer withdrawals in IFA Magazine

Partner and Head of Crypto, Zoe Wyatt, comments on Celsius halting customer withdrawals, in IFA Magazine.

Zoe’s comments were published in IFA Magazine, 16 June 2022, and can be found here.

“With the latest news across the cryptomarkets, retail users are understandably concerned. We really encourage the FCA and other regulatory bodies to step to the fore; to properly examine crypto businesses’ models and help regulate those that want to operate in the UK, affording consumers some protection in the bear markets.

“Many crypto businesses were effectively encouraged by the FCA to go offshore. Following John Glens’s statement there is a push to be ‘open for business’ but watching what is happening with the current markets shows now more than ever that we need support for the end user, as well as those funding innovative new businesses, in the form of clear and practical regulation.

“For many this is a hard time to stomach, heading through the latest downward trend but we are working with many new and innovative businesses where the Web3 movement is still very much alive and although funding is not as easy, it is not deterring the development opportunities in Web3.”

Zoe Wyatt

Zoe is a Partner at Andersen Tax in the United Kingdom. Specialising in international tax, she develops the blue-print solution to her clients’ cross-border needs.

Email: Zoe Wyatt