Marek Krawczyk

Partner and Head of US Business Tax

Marek is a Partner and Head of US Business Tax at Andersen LLP. He works with European based corporate and individual clients with corporate or partnership investment on their US related issues. These issues include:

  • US expansion, US trading income, and permanent establishment
  • US treaty qualification an access
  • Cross border M&A involving US entities or US investors
  • PFIC, GILTI, Subpart F computations, planning, and compliance
  • US business financing and cash extraction
  • Investor issues such as UBTI, qualified dividends, timing mismatches, and credit mismatches
  • Corporate compliance (1120, 1120-F)
  • Partnership compliance (1065, 8865)
  • Complex cross border tax issues, particularly the interaction between the UK and U.S. tax systems and mitigating double taxation

Marek has worked in London practicing US tax for over 15 years, providing him with insights on how to best deliver solutions to Europe based tax directors facing issues with a US element. This has given him the skillset to be an efficient and effective problem solver, whether the issue is expanding to the US, operating overseas affiliates, or dealing with US investors.

Prior to joining Andersen, Marek was a partner with a Big Four firm and has been a regular speaker at industry events in London.