Wealth managers

We advise wealth managers and financial institutions on the UK and US tax consequences associated with managing bank and financial accounts for their clients.

We can assist with:

  • advising on appropriate bank account structures for non-dom clients, including Americans, and ensuring that “clean capital” accounts are not contaminated with offshore income or gains;
  • confirming the tax consequences of different types of investments and (for dual UK/US taxpayers) whether there is a mismatch between the UK and US treatment;
  • avoiding inadvertent UK tax charges, for example a remittance tax charge triggered by inadvertently investing in a UK asset, or acquiring an investment which produces UK income or gains;
  • tax health checks on investment portfolios and operation of account structures;
  • FATCA compliance;
  • preparing annual reports of taxable investment income and gains;
  • compliance with the UK corporate criminal offence of failure to prevent tax evasion.

We specialise in advising on complex cross border issues. Our London professionals are both UK and US tax experts. We also work frequently on cross-border cases using the expertise of member firms in the Andersen Global association.