We advise trustees on the UK and US tax consequences associated with domestic and foreign trusts and other structures which have UK and/or US connections.

We can assist with:

  • setting up new structures, taking advantage of available tax efficiencies, asset protection, succession planning and any other requirements;
  • reviewing existing trust structures, providing a health check or due diligence, identifying areas of historic and current exposure;
  • calculating and maintaining income and capital gains tax pools under UK and US rules;
  • managing distributions to beneficiaries in a tax efficient manner;
  • advising on appropriate action where there is a change in circumstances, for example a beneficiary moving to the UK/US;
  • unwinding structures;
  • FATCA compliance;
  • solving the double taxation problems which frequently occur where there is an exposure to tax in more than one country, for example the UK and US or other jurisdictions.

We specialise in advising on complex cross border issues. Our London professionals are both UK and US tax experts. We work frequently on cross-border cases, where appropriate calling upon the expertise of member firms in the Andersen Global association.