Tax dispute resolution

We provide experienced, expert assistance when your tax affairs or those of your business come under scrutiny or you have something you need to tell HMRC about.

We understand that an HMRC investigation can be a worrying time.  We use all of our experience to shield you from direct contact with HMRC and to provide you with the calm reassurance you need to continue with the rest of your life whilst the matter is resolved.

We deal with all investigation matters from receipt of an initial opening letter through to achieving a negotiated settlement with HMRC.  We do so for all UK taxes and for every type of HMRC investigation from routine “Section 9A” enquiries into the latest tax return, through large scale complex anti-avoidance investigations – including HMRC Code of Practice 8 (“COP 8”) investigations – to civil investigation of serious suspected fraud investigations (“COP 9” / “CDF” investigations).

We will assist you, in the event that you have something to tell HMRC about – perhaps in response to an HMRC “nudge letter” – in preparing and making whatever sort of voluntary disclosure is appropriate – whether that be an overseas related matter under the Worldwide Disclosure Facility (“WDF”), a disclosure under the Let Property Campaign, a voluntary complex technical disclosure under COP 8, a voluntary disclosure of a deliberate omission under COP 9 / CDF or another option.

We will assist you if you have an existing dispute with HMRC, in looking for fresh ways to resolve it, in seeking Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) or in appealing HMRC’s decision internally or at the Tax Tribunal.

We act for all types of tax payer with UK tax issues – whether based in the UK or overseas – including private individuals, companies, executors and trustees.  We also assist other professionals in addressing tax matters for their clients – including accountants, lawyers, wealth managers and multi-family offices.

If you have a matter of concern, please call our helpline for an initial confidential no-obligation discussion of your options.

For further details of our capabilities as regards US tax disclosures, see here.