Personal tax returns

With ever increasing tax legislation and penalties, it is more important than ever to get your taxes right. We provide a bespoke service to ensure that you meet your compliance obligations in a timely and tax efficient manner.

We can prepare UK and US tax returns. If you are subject to tax in both jurisdictions, then it is vital that both returns are prepared by the same firm so that both UK and US taxes can be coordinated, any potential issues spotted, and double taxation avoided.

Our staff are dual UK/US qualified and therefore the same person will be responsible for both your UK and US returns, so will be perfectly placed to ensure both taxes are coordinated.

Our service is tailored to you and can cover much more than tax return preparation. We prefer to meet with you regularly to proactively assess your tax position and forecast tax liabilities, review your cash flow (particularly where both UK and US taxes are payable) and identify tax planning opportunities.

We view the preparation of your tax return as an opportunity to gain a window into your world. Our clients are pleasantly surprised by the opportunities that arise in the course of tax return preparation, including taking advantage of reliefs and deductions, charitable gift planning, and integration of planning for other entities and your family so that all services are coordinated with an awareness of your overall tax and financial situation.

In addition to the preparation of UK and US tax returns, we can also coordinate tax compliance in other jurisdictions through the Andersen Global association of member firms.