Fund managers

We have over 60 years’ combined experience in advising individuals who work for alternative asset managers, such as private equity, hedge fund and real estate fund managers.

We can advise on the structuring and taxation of fund manager compensation, including management fee income, equity, carried interest and other incentive remuneration.

Specific issues arise for fund manager executives who are subject to both UK and US tax, such as Americans in the UK, or UK residents who work for a US headquartered fund manager and participate in a US carry or equity plan. Double taxation can frequently arise in these scenarios and we have the necessary experience to identify the issues and find solutions.

Our partners have been involved in advising executives working for over half of the main UK and US headquartered alternative asset managers, therefore we have experience dealing with a complete range of unique scenarios and are consequently extremely well positioned to provide advice to these individuals.

Andersen is a member of both the British Venture Capital Association and Alternative Investment Management Association.