Non-doms and Americans

We specialise in providing advice to non-domiciled individuals (“non-doms”) living in the UK, helping them comply with their tax obligations and helping them take advantage of the non-dom and remittance basis regimes.

Americans in the UK are subject to both UK and US taxes and therefore face additional complexity. We can help you navigate the complexity, minimise double taxation and manage cash flows. For example we can assist with

  • General avoidance of double taxation and foreign tax credit planning;
  • Review of investments and structures, identification of UK/US mismatches and advise on appropriate tax optimised investments and holding structures;
  • The UK/US implications of trust structures, identifying opportunities for tax efficiency and managing double taxation exposure;
  • Structuring and review of business entities to ensure symmetry between UK and US treatment;
  • Planning for individuals (including Americans) who have or will become ‘deemed domiciled’ in the UK (i.e. resident for 15 out of 20 years).