Tax planning

Tax system are constantly changing and there are events in your life that will require tax planning. You will also want to ensure that your wealth is protected during lifetime and on death. Our goal is to help you make the most of the tax rules whilst being cautious in our approach as regards planning.

We can advise all areas of UK and US tax planning from taking advantage of tax deductions and exemptions through to capital gains planning, philanthropy and pensions planning.

At Andersen, personal tax return preparation and advice are handled by the same team. Therefore the team advising you will have in-depth knowledge and understanding of your tax affairs.

We deal routinely with situations where you are taxed in more than one country. We will help you identify areas of concern, for example potential double taxation, and advise on appropriate solutions for tax optimisation and structuring. Where there are issues in other countries, we can also call on the expertise of member firms in the Andersen Global association.