Employee incentives

We can assist with a full range of advice in relation to employee incentives arrangements.

For employers, we can advise on the design, implementation, communication and operation of employee incentives. We can advise on the tax treatment and reporting of the plan for the employer and the employee so that all parties fully understand what to expect from their incentives.

For employees, whether UK based or internationally mobile, we can advise on the tax treatment of your arrangements and any planning opportunities that may be available to manage these liabilities. We can also advise employees contemplating moving employers on any incentives packages you may be offered.

For companies contemplating acquisitions or disposals, we can advise on the consequences of the proposed transaction for existing incentives, any structuring opportunities to ensure the transaction is a success and the design and implementation of new arrangements for the enlarged business.

Whatever the advice needed, our team’s practical experience, deep technical knowledge and strong and connected global network will ensure that you receive advice which is clear, robust and fit for purpose.