Tax compliance

With ever-increasing tax legislation and penalties, getting your taxes right is more important than ever. We provide a bespoke service to ensure that you meet your compliance obligations in a timely and tax-efficient manner, whilst adding value to the process of managing tax risks.

Our service is tailored to your business and covers much more than tax return preparation. We prefer to meet with you regularly to proactively assess the tax position for you and your business, forecast tax liabilities, review cash flows, and identify tax planning opportunities.

Unlike some of our competitors, we do not use tax compliance centres or hubs. We consider tax compliance to be incredibly important, so we ensure that it is undertaken from our London office by the same team that provides tax advice.

The range of services that our Compliance team provides includes:

  • Tax return preparation and submission (full service for companies and partnerships)
  • Tax provision for financial statements and global tax consolidations
  • Optimising available reliefs by making timely and robust claims to capital allowances and innovation tax reliefs such as research & development and patent box
  • iXBRL tagging of financial statements
  • Tax payment estimates
  • Liaising with HMRC – whether it be in relation to tax investigations or routine matters in relation to notifications and payments
  • Understanding and complying with any withholding tax obligations arising from dividend, interest and royalty payments
  • Compliance with other corporate tax obligations such as Senior Accounting Officer reporting, Country by Country reporting, Notification of Uncertain Tax Treatments, publication of your tax strategy and the Criminal Finances Act