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29 Apr 2022

Rishi Sunak’s flagship £100 million Covid anti-fraud unit – Andrew Park

Tax Investigations Partner, Andrew Park, comments on Sunak’s £100 million Covid anti-fraud unit, after it emerged most of its staff were not experts, in The Times.

Andrew’s comments were published in The Times, 29 April 2022, and can be found here.

Rishi Sunak’s £100 million Covid anti-fraud unit is facing scrutiny, after it emerged most of its staff were not experts in the subject.

Further to this, Andrew Park commented “HMRC has put together a lot of people, but the taskforce smacks of low-grade trawling with a large net with a broad mesh.

“It simply does not have enough highly skilled and experienced fraud investigators for the scale of what they have to deal with generally — even before Covid.

“It doesn’t ring true and is the sort of smoke and mirrors accounting HMRC would investigate if the taxpayer got up to it. The much-trumpeted £100 million ‘investment’ in a Covid taxpayer protection taskforce was clearly just political spin.”

Andrew Park

Andrew is the Tax Investigations Partner at Andersen LLP. He specialises in providing solutions to tax problems and resolving investigations and voluntary disclosures with HMRC.

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