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8 May 2020

Qualified Small Business Stock – what you need to know

On Wednesday, May 20, Andersen will host a webcast on Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS). The webcast will be moderated by Ray Thornson and presented by Kurtis Handa, Adam Steinberger and Jason Graham, of Andersen United States.

For more than two decades, Andersen has helped founders, early employees and venture capital partners to take advantage of the potential tax savings under the qualified small business stock (QSBS) provisions.

Join Andersen’s experts for a 60-minute webcast where we will address the requirements that are most critical in assessing QSBS eligibility, as well as

  • Who is most likely to benefit from the QSBS exclusion.
  • How shareholders holding QSBS can optimize their potential tax savings.

Learn more about QSBS and register for the webcast here.



Julian Nelberg

Julian is Head of the Private Client group at Andersen LLP. His clients include international high net worth individuals, senior executives, trusts and companies.

Email: Julian Nelberg