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Global implications of US Treasury’s new crypto reporting rules

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Ready Player One: what financial services professionals need to know about web 3 and the metaverse

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US Tax on ISAs – Paul Lloyds and Keith Meyer

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2 Oct 2019

South Africa – the voluntary disclosure programme

Various jurisdictions have Voluntary Disclosure Programmes (VDPs) that “delinquent” taxpayers can avail themselves of, with a prominent feature of such regimes being the immunity from prosecution. We take a look at the regime available in South Africa.

29 Sep 2019

The US States’ Evolving Responses to Tax Reform Present Opportunities and Challenges

The states’ responses to the sweeping changes under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) are as varied as their own unique tax codes. Korwin Roskos of Andersen United States discusses the unique challenges and opportunities for business taxpayers.

25 Sep 2019

Alternative asset management – USA state and local tax update

On Thursday, September 26, Andersen United States will host a webcast on state and local tax and how recent updates have impacted the Alternative Investment industry.

25 Sep 2019

Podcast on Reducing IRS Involvement

Jason Graham, of Andersen United States, explains what it is like for an individual to be involved with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) such as through an audit, and how to reduce that chance. 

22 Sep 2019

Equity Compensation

It is critically important for companies to align the interests of the founders, employees, consultants, board members and investors. That is why choosing the right type of equity compensation can play a crucial role in the success of your company.

19 Sep 2019

Andersen Global Expands Reach in London

Andersen Global continues its expansion in the UK as Miles Dean, Zoe Wyatt and their team join the Andersen team in the UK. These partners will provide a broad range of international tax services to corporations and private clients, investment funds and real estate investors and developers. Welcome!

18 Sep 2019

2020 Presidential Candidates’ Tax Proposals

Overview of tax proposals of the Democratic candidates running for President of the United States that have qualified for the next debate in September 2019.

16 Sep 2019

Withholding tax and Brexit

In this article our National Technical Director Andrew Parkes discusses the implications of Brexit on withholding taxes on UK companies operating in the EU, and EU companies operating in the UK, and proposes some solutions.

12 Sep 2019

Failure to file FBAR case underscores importance of disclosure and risk of penalties

A recent case involving a failure to file a Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) highlights increased focus of IRS and acts as a reminder of the severe consequences associated with such failure.

4 Sep 2019

Andersen is now Andersen

Hearkening the legacy and values of the Andersen name, Andersen, US, will now operate under the brand “Andersen”, reflecting the full scope of services available to clients in the US and internationally.

4 Aug 2019

Non-US individuals, trusts and companies investing into the US

The tax treatment of US investments differs depending on whether the investor is an individual, company or trust. Investors need to understand the consequences of different investment structures so that they can plan their investment decisions for maximum tax efficiency.

22 Jul 2019

UK principal residence exemption – further change ahead

Long established ‘principal private residence’ exemptions allowing UK taxpayers to avoid tax on the sale of their main residence are gradually being eroded, with further change from 6 April 2020. Plan now to mitigate the impact.