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“The State of Tax Justice 2021” – a castle made of sand

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The battle between Matalan founder Hargreaves and HMRC

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Andrew Park interviewed on TalkTV in relation to the Covid Taxpayer Protection Taskforce

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19 Feb 2022

To Treat or not to Treat

National Technical Director, Andrew Parkes, questions when a non-resident is liable to UK tax upon their trade income.

11 Feb 2022

The Other Side of the Coin – Zoe Wyatt

“HMRC’s decision to create a specific Cryptoassets Manual is both timely and welcome. It acknowledges that the direction of travel in crypto, still a relatively nascent field, is currently upward both in terms of volume and complexity.” Partner and Head of Crypto, Zoe Wyatt, analyses the key points from HMRC’s Cryptoassets Manual in STEP Journal.

10 Feb 2022

The Panama Papers Six Years On: A UK Tax Perspective – Andrew Park

Andrew Park, Tax Investigations Partner, examines the impact of the Panama Papers leak and its ramifications for HMRC in its fight against offshore tax havens in Legal Week.

4 Feb 2022

The 3 P’s – Spot the Difference

Tax Investigations Partner Andrew Park examines the differences and similarities between the Panama, Pandora and Paradise Papers.

4 Feb 2022

Taxation of a Non-Habitual Tax Resident (“NHR”) in Portugal

Guest contributor Tiago Cid from Andersen Portugal, Tiago Cid, examines the taxation of non-habitual residents in Portugal.

2 Feb 2022

ATAD 3 & Shell Entities

Senior Manager Helen Siqin provides an overview of ATAD 3, the European Commission’s proposal targeting shell companies.

28 Jan 2022

Offshore Data Thieves, Journalists and the UK Tax Collector – Andrew Park

“What HMRC needs right now is not more information but more investigators. Teams of journalists bombarding HMRC with raw information are no substitute for that.” Andrew Park, Tax Investigations Partner, discusses the legacy of the “Panama Papers” in WealthBriefing.

20 Jan 2022

Do tax exposés help HMRC? – Andrew Park

In light of the Guardian and BBC Panorama’s “The Panama Papers” investigation being awarded Investigation of the Decade at the British Journalism Awards, Andrew Park examines whether tax exposés really help HMRC in FTAdviser.

14 Jan 2022

Julian Nelberg included in the 2022 edition of the Spear’s 500

We are delighted that Julian Nelberg, Head of the Private Client group, has been included in the 2022 edition of the Spear’s 500.

22 Dec 2021

Lessons From IRS For A New HMRC Whistleblowing Model – Andrew Park

When it comes to payments to tax whistle-blowers, is HMRC missing a trick, or does the IRS serve a cautionary tale? Andrew Park, Tax Investigations Partner, examines in Law360.

2 Dec 2021

Bilateral information exchange agreements – Andrew Park

Andrew Park, Tax Investigations Partner, examines the scope of bilateral information exchange agreements between HMRC and its international counterparts such as the IRS, in Taxation.

26 Nov 2021

UK/US Treaty: Equivalent Beneficiary – Competent Authority Agreement – Miles Dean

Miles Dean discusses the inception and significance of the CAA, the terms of the agreement and how they impact UK corporations in Lawyer Monthly.