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The TSC report on crypto: keep calm and carry on – Zoe Wyatt and Laura Knight

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Zoe Wyatt comments on the UK’s potential to become a global crypto hub in the International Business Times

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Julian Nelberg and Paul Lloyds give an overview of Andersen LLP’s Private Client practice

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19 Dec 2019

Nature of the U.K. Tax Authority Inquiry Into Airbnb

Zoe Wyatt, Partner at Andersen, discusses the inquiry from the U.K.’s tax authority into Airbnb and what it means for multinational corporations. Zoe’s article was published in Bloomberg Tax, 19 December 2019, and can be found here. Airbnb has recently been in the spotlight due to the statement made in its December 31, 2018 accounts […]

5 Dec 2019

US gift tax – final regulations protect large gifts from future tax

The IRS has now confirmed that taxpayers benefiting from temporarily raised estate and gift tax exclusion amount will not be adversely impacted in future years.

29 Nov 2019

EU forced to back down on plan for multinational tax transparency – Andrew Parkes

Andrew Parkes, National Technical Director at Andersen, comments on the news that 12 EU states have rejected move to expose companies’ tax avoidance. Andrew’s comments were published in Accountancy Daily, 29 November 2019, and can be found here. “The proposal was first suggested over three years ago in the wake of the Panama Papers leak and […]

19 Nov 2019

SJP sued by ex-football stars over tax avoidance schemes – Miles Dean

Miles Dean, Head of International Tax at Andersen, comments in CityWire Wealth Manager in relation to a group of ex-footballers suing St James’s Palace over tax avoidance schemes. Mile’s comments were published in CityWire Wealth Manager, 14 November 2019, and can be found here. “A group of ex-footballers are suing St James’s Place (SJP) over allegations […]

7 Nov 2019

Aims of film and television tax reliefs – Andrew Parkes

Andrew Parkes, National Tax Director at Andersen discusses the aims of film and television tax reliefs, and in particular the UK media’s recent furore in relation to Netflix. Andrew’s article was published in Taxation, 5 November 2019, and in their October/November 2019 issue and can be found here. The black mirror Like Pavlov’s dogs, the […]

6 Nov 2019

Europe – DAC3: Exchange of Clearances

Since 1 January 2015 tax authorities within the EU have been exchanging clearances (or rulings to use the terminology of the EU and OECD) that relate to cross-border transactions.

6 Nov 2019

The UK – The Investment Manager Exemption: Trading v Investment

The UK has a long and proud history of being a centre for the fund management industry. The “Investment Manager Exemption” (IME) protects non-UK funds managed by UK fund managers, provided that the relevant conditions are satisfied.

6 Nov 2019

The Netherlands: All Change to the Holding Company Regime

Will further changes to the Dutch regime see the Netherlands playing second fiddle to the UK when it comes to choice of holding company location?

6 Nov 2019

The UK Statutory Residency Test

Like most countries, the UK seeks to tax its residents on their worldwide income and non-residents on their UK source income. This makes the question of whether you are resident in the UK, or not, one of vital importance.

30 Oct 2019

HMRC far from ‘arm’s length’ with Airbnb – Zoe Wyatt

Zoe Wyatt, Partner at Andersen, comments on the news that Airbnb recently revealed in a note in its accounts that a tax inquiry by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) could eventually lead to legal proceedings. Zoe’s comments were published in Investors Chronicle, 30 October 2019, and can be found here. “Airbnb recently revealed in a […]

11 Oct 2019

UK Tax Agency’s “Nudge Letters” Reach Offshore Income

Financial institutions in most countries around the world are now obliged to report the details of foreign account holders to the person’s home revenue authority under the Common Reporting Standard.

11 Oct 2019

2019 Year-End Tips and Tax Planning Strategies for Individuals

As we head into the last quarter of the year there are several action items that US individual taxpayers may want to consider before year-end.

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