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Global implications of US Treasury’s new crypto reporting rules

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Ready Player One: what financial services professionals need to know about web 3 and the metaverse

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US Tax on ISAs – Paul Lloyds and Keith Meyer

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9 Apr 2020

Footballers and tax schemes – Miles Dean

Miles Dean, Head of International Tax, discusses the role tax schemes take in the football industry, in International Accountant Magazine. Miles’ article was published in the April 2020 issue of International Accountant Magazine, 9 April 2020, and can be found on page 16. It’s a funny old game, tax planning. The tax avoidance strategies used […]

9 Apr 2020

Google UK pays £44m in corporation tax as revenues reach £1.6bn – Miles Dean

Miles Dean, Head of International Tax, comments in relation to the news that Google paid £44 million in corporation tax, which has caused MPs and industry experts to criticise the tech-giant, in Accountancy Today and International Accounting Bulletin. Miles’ comments were published in Accountancy Today, 8 April 2020, and International Accounting Bulletin, 9 April 2020. […]

8 Apr 2020

COVID-19 – relief for those stuck in the UK or US due to lockdown

The rapid spread of COVID-19 over the past few weeks has meant that Governments around the world are imposing strict restrictions on the movement of people. We explore the reliefs are available for non-resident individuals that get stranded in the UK or US due to the lockdown.

7 Apr 2020

UK residential property – capital gains tax

From 6th April 2020, taxpayers are required to report and pay CGT on the sale of UK residential property within 30 days of disposal.
This is a major change in administration, particularly for UK resident individuals who since 1997 have been used to reporting and paying CGT on the disposal of UK residential property by 31st January following the end of the tax year, as part of their self-assessment tax return.

6 Apr 2020

UK and US personal income tax returns

Our London team specialise in advising individuals affected by both the UK and US tax systems. Furthermore, our team prepare both UK and US tax returns “in team”, and we make sure our clients’ taxes in both countries are fully coordinated.

6 Apr 2020

UK Tax Changes from 6th April 2020

As we enter the new 2020/21 UK tax year, we provide a brief overview of the key changes to the tax rules from 6 April 2020, as well as Covid-19 related concessions.

3 Apr 2020

Andersen Tax UK Announces New Team Arrivals

We are pleased to announce the join of Kevin Hindley and Warren Howells to the Firm’s Partnership, as well as fellow team member Musa Sabo as Senior Manager. Kevin is Head of Corporation tax and Real Estate tax in the UK. Kevin is an experienced tax practitioner with over 20 years in the profession. He […]

2 Apr 2020

Private client advisers react to COVID-19 – Miles Dean

Miles Dean, Head of International Tax, comments on the implications of COVID-19 on the private client tax industry. Miles’ comments were published in Spear’s, 02 April 2020, and can be found here. “The implications of COVID-19 are only just becoming clear. The pandemic is affecting the very fabric of our society, our freedoms and of course the […]

1 Apr 2020

US LLCs and DAC6 reporting

In this article Zoe Wyatt considers the difficulties associated with DAC6 reporting for transactions with US Limited Liability Companies (LLCs).

31 Mar 2020

UK treatment of US LLCs – Anson revisited…

Opaque or transparent, that is the question! Why do we care? It might seem far fetched to think that the terms ‘opaque’ and ‘transparent’ have such a meaning in the world of taxation. However, their definitions are of utmost importance for UK tax resident individuals who are members of a US LLC and the terms should be interpreted with caution.

31 Mar 2020

Miles Dean comments in City A.M’s daily debate regarding new social contracts for businesses

Miles Dean, Head of International Tax, discusses whether businesses should sign a new ‘social contract’ in exchange for government support, in City A.M. Miles’ comments were published in City A.M, 30 March 2020, and can be found here. They were also carried in print on 31st March 2020 and can be found on page 13. […]

30 Mar 2020

US Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and Base Erosion and Profit Sharing(BEPS)

The OECD’s project to counteract BEPS has altered the tax landscape considerably. The US has either opted out of (or is not fully implementing) a number of the BEPS’ actions, leaving major uncertainty over the treatment of US LLCs.

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