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10 Apr 2024

Miles Dean comments on Labour’s plans to crack down on non-doms in the Financial Times

Partner and Head of International Tax, Miles Dean, cautions that a major Labour crackdown on non-doms would cause many of them to relocate to friendlier jurisdictions, in the Financial Times.

Miles’ comments were published in the Financial Times, 10 April 2024.

Miles explained that his advice to non-dom clients was to “just get out while you can, or at least start making plans to become non-resident and find a new home, as it’s no longer safe as a tax environment”.

He continued: “We’ve got any number of clients who will not stay here waiting for the worst to happen. They will move.”

Miles Dean

Miles is Head of International Tax at Andersen LLP. He advises privately held multinational companies, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals on a wide range of cross border tax issues.

Email: Miles Dean