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23 Feb 2023

Dion Seymour discusses crypto tax and HMRC investigations with Recap

Crypto Tax & Accounting Technical Director, Dion Seymour, recently appeared on Recap’s ‘Crypto Tax Sucks’ podcast and wrote a two-part blog discussing what to expect from and how to handle an HMRC inquiry.

Part 1 of Dion’s blog was published, 06 February 2023, and part 2 was published, 07 February 2023, while his appearance on the ‘Crypto Tax Sucks’ podcast was published, 16 February 2023.

In Dion’s blog for Recap, he discusses what HMRC is looking for if you receive an enquiry letter and how to respond to their questions about your crypto. Following this, in the second blog, he discusses how using a crypto tax tracker and calculator app like Recap simplifies the process of providing your information to HMRC.

In his appearance on the ‘Crypto Tax Sucks’ podcast, Dion and Dan Howitt, co-founder of Recap, discussed compliance in regard to the new crypto tax rules, and HMRC’s approach to crypto investigations, as well as the changes to capital gains allowances and their implications for crypto.

Dion’s thorough understanding of the crypto sphere and the implications of new regulations is bolstered by his 18-year tenure at HMRC, where he was the cryptoasset policy and product owner.

Dion Seymour

Dion is a Director with extensive experience in all aspects of the taxation of crypto assets. He was formerly the crypto asset policy and product owner at HMRC.

Email: Dion Seymour