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6 Feb 2023

Dion Seymour comments on the UK’s recently announced crypto regulations in Law360

Dion Seymour discusses the need for the FCA to pursue a more transparent and cooperative approach with crypto firms operating in the UK, in Law360.

Dion’s comments were published in Law360, 02 February 2023.

Discussing crypto companies previously turned down by the FCA for registration, Dion comments:

“Such firms have sometimes moved overseas and now sell into the U.K., which means any customer disputes are settled abroad to the inconvenience of consumers. The FCA needs to learn from the past and take a more transparent and cooperative approach with crypto-firms if they are to choose to operate in the U.K.”


Dion Seymour

Dion is a Director with extensive experience in all aspects of the taxation of crypto assets. He was formerly the crypto asset policy and product owner at HMRC.

Email: Dion Seymour