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30 Jun 2023

Dion Seymour comments on the Law Commission’s report on crypto

Crypto Tax & Accounting Technical Director, Dion Seymour, comments on the Law Commission’s report on crypto, which calls for a new property law category for digital assets, in the Financial Times.

Dion’s comments were published in the Financial Times, 30 June 2023.

Dion explained that the proposals are “good for consumer protection”, as they look to create a new category of personal property that would include digital assets, as they do not fit within the traditional categories.

Dion further added: “Courts will spend less time arguing whether digital assets are possessions that investors can go after.”

Dion Seymour

Dion is a Director with extensive experience in all aspects of the taxation of crypto assets. He was formerly the crypto asset policy and product owner at HMRC.

Email: Dion Seymour