Press Room: US Tax

Letter to the Editor: Taxation is a battle of wills between US and the EU

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The US: President Biden’s MIA

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Biden’s Green Book Proposed Changes to US Foreign Income Tax Regime

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13 Thursday, 2018

Non-Americans investing into the US post-tax reform

The individual tax provisions of tax reform present opportunities for non-resident non-Americans investing into the US.

20 Tuesday, 2018

US tax disclosure opportunity

IRS announces new programme for individuals who have not complied with their US tax obligations.

1 Thursday, 2018

US tax reform and fund manager carried interest

We highlight uncertainties resulting from the tax reform provisions for fund managers’ carried interest.

9 Tuesday, 2018

US Tax Reform – implications for individuals

In this article we provide an overview and commentary on the key tax reform provisions affecting high net worth individuals.

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