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Equivalent Beneficiary – Competent Authority Agreement – Miles Dean

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Letter to the Editor: Taxation is a battle of wills between US and the EU

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The US: President Biden’s MIA

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14 Friday, 2020

The UK as a Stepping Stone for US Multinationals – Zoe Wyatt

Zoe Wyatt, Partner at Andersen Tax UK, discusses how US multinationals can prepare when using the UK as a stepping stone to the wider world. Zoe’s article was published in International Accountant Magazine, January/February issue, and can be found here (pages 17-19). As Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to […]

10 Monday, 2020

Richer Sounds boss Julian Richer hits back at claims of tax hypocrisy

Miles Dean, Head of International Tax, comments in relation to Julian Richer hitting back at claims of tax hypocrisy after he called for millionaires to pay higher tax, but received breaks for handing control of his company to staff, in The Telegraph. Miles’ comments were published in The Telegraph, 10 February 2020, and can be […]

4 Tuesday, 2020

Netflix accused of ‘superhighway robbery’ over low tax bill – Miles Dean

Miles Dean, Head of International Tax at Andersen Tax UK, comments in relation to the debate surrounding Netflix’s tax and the taxing of tech companies, in MarketWatch. Miles’ comments were published in MarketWatch, 4 February 2020, and can be found here. “Netflix’s tax affairs in Britain were thrown into the spotlight last night, reigniting the […]

4 Tuesday, 2020

Brexit’s Potential Impact on Use of U.S. Income Tax Treaties

Three and a half years after the UK voted to leave the European Union (EU), British exit (Brexit) finally occurred as of the end of the day on January 31, 2020. One of the many significant impacts of Brexit is the potential loss of treaty benefits that were based upon UK residents being also considered […]

29 Wednesday, 2020

US tax valuations for venture-backed companies

Venture-backed companies frequently have valuation concerns regarding equity incentives granted to US-based founders and employees. 409A valuations are most commonly performed to assist companies with setting the strike price for their employee stock options, which needs to be at or above fair market value.

20 Friday, 2019

Still no break for non-US persons from US gift and estate tax

IRS recently announced an increase in the lifetime estate and gift tax exemption to $11,580,000 for the 2020 tax year. However, exemption remains at $60,000 for non-US person, and only applies to estate (not gift) tax.

5 Thursday, 2019

US gift tax – final regulations protect large gifts from future tax

The IRS has now confirmed that taxpayers benefiting from temporarily raised estate and gift tax exclusion amount will not be adversely impacted in future years.

11 Friday, 2019

2019 Year-End Tips and Tax Planning Strategies for Individuals

As we head into the last quarter of the year there are several action items that US individual taxpayers may want to consider before year-end.

4 Friday, 2019

Non-Americans investing in US publicly traded partnerships

Non-US investors should be aware of the potential US tax consequences of investing in a US business which is structured as a partnership since this can give rise to various onerous US tax and filling obligations.

3 Thursday, 2019

US tax returns – how we can help if you are delinquent

We take a detailed look at the options available for delinquent US filers to get up to date with their US tax obligations.

29 Sunday, 2019

The US States’ Evolving Responses to Tax Reform Present Opportunities and Challenges

The states’ responses to the sweeping changes under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) are as varied as their own unique tax codes. Korwin Roskos of Andersen United States discusses the unique challenges and opportunities for business taxpayers.

25 Wednesday, 2019

Alternative asset management – USA state and local tax update

On Thursday, September 26, Andersen United States will host a webcast on state and local tax and how recent updates have impacted the Alternative Investment industry.