Press Room: UK Tax

Private Client Case Review: Henkes v HMRC [2020] UKFTT 159 (TC)

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Deemed Domicile in the UK

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India: Overview of IFSC and AIF regime in India

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2 Dec 2020

The UK: Blackrock Holdco 5 LLC v HMRC: Unallowable Purpose and Transfer Pricing

Head of International Tax, Miles Dean, and Partner, Zoe Wyatt consider the case of Blackrock and its far-reaching impact on corporate transactions and the concept of unallowable purposes.

1 Dec 2020

The UK: Company in Liquidation – When intention is not everything

Partners Kevin Hindley and Warren Howells examine the seemingly simple question “When does a company stop trading?”

20 Nov 2020

How does the UK’s capital gains tax compare to other nations?

Miles Dean, Head of International Tax, comments in City A.M. regarding the recent proposal to raise capital gains tax.

19 Nov 2020

Office of Tax Simplification Report on Capital Gains Tax

James Paull, Head of Incentives Group examines the Office of Tax Simplification’s report on capital gains tax.

12 Nov 2020

Aligning CGT with income tax would be a mistake, warns Andersen’s tax head

Miles Dean is interviewed by City A.M. in relation to The Office of  Tax Simplification’s proposal to align capital gains tax with income tax.

12 Nov 2020

Investors on ‘high alert’ as OTS proposals could triple population subject to CGT

Miles Dean comments in relation to the publication of The Office of Tax Simplification’s report into capital gains tax, in Investment Week.

12 Nov 2020

Brexit: Last Minute Call – Webinar

Sarah Shears, Head of VAT, is co-hosting a webinar on the implications of Brexit on VAT along with the VAT partners from Poland and Spain.

9 Nov 2020

The UK (and Belgium): Digital Services Tax – A Stick or a Carat

Miles Dean examines the Belgian Carat Tax and whether this could be a solution to the problems tax administrations encounter with the Digital Services Tax.

16 Oct 2020

Equity Incentives issues following Covid-19

Equity Incentives issues following Covid-19.

13 Oct 2020

US/UK: No one expects the hybrid mismatch rules

Andrew Parkes, National Technical Director, discusses how a minority equity investment by a US entity into a UK one, followed by an arm’s length loan, was not within the hybrid mismatch rules.

13 Oct 2020

UK: Share Schemes and Incentives

James Paull, Head of Incentives Group, discusses how the economic and social turmoil that has resulted from the response to the Covid-19 pandemic has had a collateral impact on the incentives packages that are held by employees of many businesses.

12 Oct 2020

A discussion of VAT in the light of Brexit

Sarah Shears, Head of VAT Group at Andersen in the UK and Benno Tamminga, Managing Director in the US National Tax Practice with Andersen and the firm’s Global VAT leader, discuss the impact of Brexit on both the UK and the US in the EACC’s ‘Brexit Musings’ podcast.

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