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Can You Trust The Foundations? – Andrew Parkes

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Julian Nelberg, Paul Lloyds, and Keith Meyer discuss tax implications of non-residents acquiring property

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What a Sham – Andrew Parkes

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6 Jun 2023

Julian Nelberg, Paul Lloyds, and Keith Meyer discuss US living revocable trusts

Private Client Partners Julian Nelberg, Paul Lloyds, and Keith Meyer discuss US living revocable trusts and associated complications that can arise from a UK tax perspective for Americans living in the UK.

20 Mar 2023

Dion Seymour comments on what the UK’s new crypto tax rules mean for holders in Decrypt

Crypto Tax & Accounting Technical Director, Dion Seymour, comments on new rules requiring crypto to be identified separately on tax returns, in Decrypt. 

17 Mar 2023

Dion Seymour comments on the new cryptoassets section on self-assessment tax forms in the FT

Crypto Tax & Accounting Technical Director, Dion Seymour, comments on the new standalone section on self-assessment tax forms for individuals and trusts which had disposed of cryptoassets, in the Financial Times.

29 Jun 2022

The UK taxman’s approach to Civil Law foundations – Andrew Park

Tax Investigations Partner, Andrew Park, examines the challenges in evaluating civil law foundations for tax purposes in common law jurisdictions like the UK that do not directly recognise them, in IFC Review.

4 Aug 2020

Offshore income and the long arm of HMRC…

In this article we provide an overview of the additional information now readily available to HMRC regarding offshore income assets, the penalty regime applicable to individuals who have failed to properly report their income, and how such failure can be remediated.

25 Jun 2020

The UK trusts register – changes ahead

In this article we provide an overview of changes to the UK trust register, which significantly widens the ambit of the reporting requirements for both UK and many non-UK trusts with UK connections.

13 Apr 2020

COVID-19 Guide to global tax relief

This guide provides an overview of the response to COVID-19 by each country as it relates to tax relief and other provisions implemented by local governments. This guide includes information as it pertains to specific countries on general measures, corporate income tax measures, tax payments, tax reporting, and VAT in specific countries as provided by the member and collaborating firms of Andersen Global.

18 Mar 2020

IRS announces foreign trust reporting exemptions

IRS has issued new guidance exempting current and former US citizens and residents from annual reporting requirements for owning (or transferring money to) certain foreign pension and other plans that are foreign trusts.

4 Aug 2019

Non-US individuals, trusts and companies investing into the US

The tax treatment of US investments differs depending on whether the investor is an individual, company or trust. Investors need to understand the consequences of different investment structures so that they can plan their investment decisions for maximum tax efficiency.

15 May 2019

Non-residents and UK real estate

UK real estate held by non-residents has been subject to frequent tax changes over recent years. This article explores further recent and forthcoming changes to an already complex regime.

9 Dec 2018

Deadline approaching for non-doms to “cleanse” offshore mixed accounts

Non-domiciled individuals must clean up their offshore mixed bank accounts by 5 April 2019 if they wish to be able to remit funds to the UK at a lower tax rate.

9 Dec 2018

Offshore trusts – traps for the unwary

The 2017 trust changes have implications for non-doms with trusts, irrespective of the duration of their residence in the UK.