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Miles Dean comments on the impacts of Labour’s tax plans for non-doms in The Guardian and Tax Journal.

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Zoe Wyatt to speak on Rosenblatt’s Breakfast Roundtable: Structuring for Token Issuance

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Miles Dean comments on Labour’s plans to crack down on non-doms in the Financial Times

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21 Dec 2023

Does HMRC have my cryptoassets in its sights?

Dion Seymour and Laura Knight discuss HMRC’s latest nudge letter campaign and the disclosure of cryptoassets, in AccountingWEB. 

13 Dec 2023

The digital pound: A new form of Marmite for the financial sector?

Dion Seymour discusses the future of the digital pound and its recent attention from the Treasury Committee, in AccountingWEB. 

5 Dec 2023

Dion Seymour comments on the UK government’s call for voluntary disclosure of crypto

Dion Seymour comments on the UK government’s call for crypto users to voluntarily disclose any unpaid capital gains or income taxes, in CoinDesk.

20 Nov 2023

Miles Dean comments on the implications of removing the non-domiciled tax status

Head of International Tax, Miles Dean, comments on the implications of the Labour Party’s pledge to scrap the non-domiciled tax status, in the Financial Times.

8 Nov 2023

Double Tax Treaties: An ex-Insider’s View of HMRC’s Treaty Position – Andrew Parkes

During my time at HMRC, I worked with the Tax Treaty team on the two Bank Levy Double Taxation Relief treaties and delivered training to HMRC staff on the UK’s treaties generally. Interestingly, HMRC does have its own model treaty, but this is not published. It is, however, closely modelled on the OECD model convention. […]

8 Nov 2023

The Taxman Cometh – Soon – Andrew Parkes

We have mentioned previously (see our January 2022 Newsletter) that the UK will seek to tax any income from a trade carried on in the UK by a non-resident, but that this is blunted where there is a Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) between the UK and the country of residence of the trader. Where there […]

8 Nov 2023

The Paradox of Tax Planning and Morality: A review of Taxpayer v HMRC – Chimezirim Echendu

Introduction In Finance Act 2013, the UK introduced a statutory residence test (SRT) to provide an objective way of determining the residence of individuals. The test, although based substantially on day counting and days spent in the UK, also relies on the substance and quality of an individual’s residence to determine tax residence. As days […]

8 Nov 2023

But why? – Not the cry of every toddler, but why a relief is due – Andrew Parkes

One of the real joys (and I’m not being sarcastic here) of working in International Tax is that what seems to be the simplest of questions can have the most hidden of answers. The UK’s distribution exemption (i.e. dividends received from underlying subsidiaries are exempt from UK taxation) for small companies is only available where […]

24 Oct 2023

US Taxpayers Saving for Retirement – Mike Haynes

Head of Employment and Pensions Mike Haynes discusses how US taxpayers can save for retirement in the UK while avoiding common associated problems.

20 Oct 2023

The standards are coming! The standards are coming! – Zoe Wyatt and Dion Seymour

Zoe Wyatt and Dion Seymour, discuss the global implications of new US crypto tax reporting rules, in Bloomberg Tax.

29 Sep 2023

Andrew Parkes interviewed by Bloomsbury Professional

National Technical Director, Tax, Andrew Parkes, discusses the evolution of International Tax during his career and the major challenges the industry is facing at the moment, in an interview with Bloomsbury Professional. 

29 Sep 2023

Letter to the Editor: There is no moral justification to tax an individual upon their death

Miles Dean, Head of International Tax, explains why inheritance tax should be “scrapped altogether”, in The Guardian.