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31 Mar 2021

Taxing a broad base: is it time to look to the law of large numbers?

James Paull, Head of Incentives Group, examines tax changes announced in Budget 2021 and predicted revenue, before discussing other taxes, providing examples of impacts small changes could have.

25 Mar 2021

Doing Business in the UK after Brexit

Sarah Shears, Head of VAT and Miles Dean, Head of International Tax will today be speaking in a webinar discussing new rules for doing business in a post-Brexit UK.

12 Mar 2021

Letter to the Editor: Fear of Amazon should not drive UK tax policy

Miles Dean, Head of International Tax, comments in relation to the Government defending its new investment tax breaks that are likely to benefit Amazon, in the Financial Times.

11 Mar 2021

Tax and human nature: the good, the bad and the ugly

James Paull, Head of the Incentives group at Andersen in the UK, discusses how different tax systems provoke different behaviours, and to what extent this is impacted by unconscious biases.

4 Mar 2021

Budget 2021: review

James Paull and Miles Dean review the Budget 2021 and highlight potential areas of concern or opportunities to benefit UK businesses or individuals.

23 Feb 2021

Dame Margaret Hodge urges the Treasury to tighten up DST

Miles Dean, comments in relation to Dame Margaret Hodge calling for the Treasury to close the loophole in DST.

18 Feb 2021

IR35 and Personal Services Companies

James Paull, Head of Incentives Group, discusses the benefits of operating with consultants and why it would be a shame for over prudence to impact the potential savings.

18 Feb 2021

LLC’s Again – Here But Not There

Andrew Parkes, National Technical Director and Miles Dean, Head of International Tax, revisit US LLCs and discuss when they might be suitable for UK residents

18 Feb 2021

DAC6 – A Welcome Break

Andrew Parkes, National Technical Director, takes a look at HMRC’s DAC6 Christmas present for advisers.

10 Feb 2021

US Gift and Estate Tax update

The IRS has now released the updated US gift and estate tax exemptions applicable from 1 January 2021.

8 Jan 2021

Private Client Services Brochure

At Andersen in the UK we provide reliable, jargon-free and cautious international tax advice for Private Clients.

6 Jan 2021

The UK: Asset Holding Companies – Come on in, the water’s fine

Andrew Parkes and Miles Dean examine the Treasury’s consultation document “The Tax Treatment of Asset Holding Companies in Alternative Fund Structures”.

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