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Private Client Case Review: Henkes v HMRC [2020] UKFTT 159 (TC)

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Deemed Domicile in the UK

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The UK: Blackrock Holdco 5 LLC v HMRC: Unallowable Purpose and Transfer Pricing

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12 Nov 2020

Aligning CGT with income tax would be a mistake, warns Andersen’s tax head

Miles Dean is interviewed by City A.M. in relation to The Office of  Tax Simplification’s proposal to align capital gains tax with income tax.

12 Nov 2020

Investors on ‘high alert’ as OTS proposals could triple population subject to CGT

Miles Dean comments in relation to the publication of The Office of Tax Simplification’s report into capital gains tax, in Investment Week.

12 Nov 2020

Brexit: Last Minute Call – Webinar

Sarah Shears, Head of VAT, is co-hosting a webinar on the implications of Brexit on VAT along with the VAT partners from Poland and Spain.

8 Oct 2020

Explained: Overseas Work Relief and carried interest

Julian Nelberg, Head of Private Clients, discusses carried interest and when OWR can be utilised in order to exempt a portion or even all of non-UK earnings, in Accountancy Today. 

21 Sep 2020

One minute with… Andrew Parkes

Andrew Parkes, National Technical Director, talks to Tax Journal about his career and tax issues.

9 Sep 2020

Jet set and taxable benefits

In this article we explore the UK tax issues arising when senior executives and family members are allowed private use of a corporate jet.

28 Aug 2020

California Dreaming (or Nightmare?)

It is no secret that California tax rates can be brutal, with the top rate reaching 13.3% on all income (including capital gains), so it is important for individuals to understand the scenarios in which they will become liable to California taxes, and how not to get caught out and inadvertently subject to tax.

26 Aug 2020

2% Stamp Duty Land Tax surcharge for non-residents

From April 2021, the government intends to impose a 2% surcharge on non-resident individuals purchasing residential property in England and Northern Ireland. In this article, we will explore when the 2% surcharge applies, who it applies to and what property is caught under the rules.

18 Aug 2020

Treasury and IRS release long-awaited guidance on carried interest taxation

On July 31, 2020, the Treasury and IRS released proposed regulations regarding Sec. 1061’s carried interest rule, targeting incentive allocations made to fund managers.

17 Aug 2020

Dutch plan to tax departing multinationals gains momentum

Andrew Parkes, National Technical Director, comments in relation to the news that a Dutch law that would hit multinationals leaving the Netherlands with billions in exit taxes is gaining political support.

10 Aug 2020

HMRC investigations into footballers treble

Andrew Parkes, National Technical Director, comments in relation to the news that HMRC investigations into footballers have almost trebled in the last year.

10 Aug 2020

Overseas workday relief for employees

Luke Jenkinson, discusses the different ways individuals can obtain relief for income relating to services performed outside of the UK, commonly referred to as Overseas Workday Relief (OWR), in Accountancy Today.

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