Press Room: Disclosure

HMRC responds to Andrew Park’s FOI request on tax whistleblowers – coverage in the FT and The i

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Why HMRC can’t estimate the offshore tax gap – Andrew Park

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Is Direct Taxpayer Access Always a Good Thing? – Andrew Park

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5 Jul 2022

How can HMRC estimate the overall tax gap at 5.1% but profess no idea about the offshore element?

Tax Investigations Partner, Andrew Park, questions how HMRC can estimate the overall tax gap to one decimal point, without knowing the extent of the offshore element, in IFA Magazine. 

16 Jun 2022

Into the Lion’s Mouth – Andrew Park

Tax Investigations Partner, Andrew Park, evaluates HMRC’s guidance for individuals making disclosures of any omissions in their taxes, and explains the implications of these guidelines, in Taxation.

15 Jun 2022

What is Behind HMRC’s Unwillingness to Estimate the Offshore Tax Gap? – Andrew Park

Andrew Park examines the reasons why, despite its vast quantities offshore tax data, HMRC is unable to estimate the offshore tax gap, in FTAdviser.

1 Mar 2022

Islands in the stream? Tax enforcement and offshore data leaks – Andrew Park

Tax Investigations Partner, Andrew Park, explores the potential value of leaked offshore information to HMRC, in Solicitors Journal.

5 Dec 2018

HMRC let property campaign

HMRC encourages individuals with unreported rental profits to come forward now on preferential terms.

20 Nov 2018

US tax disclosure opportunity

IRS announces new programme for individuals who have not complied with their US tax obligations.