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Zoe Wyatt to speak on Rosenblatt’s Breakfast Roundtable: Structuring for Token Issuance

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Andrew Parkes comments on Entain’s £615 million HMRC and CPS agreement

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International Tax

Why HMRC treats Jersey LLPs differently from US ones – Andrew Parkes

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25 Jan 2024

Implications of IRS Cuts to Transactional No-Rule List – Marek Krawczyk

Partner and Head of US Business Tax, Marek Krawczyk and Ben Furtick of Certa Insurance Partners discuss the implications of the new IRS guidance for transactions and restructurings of multinational groups, in Bloomberg Tax. 

8 Nov 2023

The Taxman Cometh – Soon – Andrew Parkes

We have mentioned previously (see our January 2022 Newsletter) that the UK will seek to tax any income from a trade carried on in the UK by a non-resident, but that this is blunted where there is a Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) between the UK and the country of residence of the trader. Where there […]

16 Jun 2023

What a Sham – Andrew Parkes

National Technical Director, Andrew Parkes, discusses what legally constitutes a ‘sham’ in terms of tax avoidance schemes and how the term applies to a range of cases and scenarios.

13 Jun 2023

Breaking Control: Protected Cell Companies – Des Hanna

International Tax Director, Des Hanna, discusses the UK Controlled Foreign Companies (CFC) legislation and how HMRC has adapted its approach to protect the UK’s tax base in recent years.

23 May 2023

Julian Nelberg and Paul Lloyds give an overview of Andersen LLP’s Private Client practice

Private Client Partners Julian Nelberg and Paul Lloyds discuss how they assist their clients, many of whom are entrepreneurs with UK and US tax obligations, and ensure that the team’s tax planning and compliance work matches their clients’ objectives.

5 May 2023

Pension planning after the Budget – Mike Haynes

Head of Employment and Pensions, Mike Haynes, discusses the changes to pensions taxation announced in the UK Government’s Spring Budget, in Tax Journal.

12 Apr 2023

Dion Seymour comments on new EU crypto rules in Decrypt and Yahoo Finance

Crypto Tax & Accounting Technical Director, Dion Seymour, comments on the implications of new EU crypto rules, MiCA, in Decrypt and Yahoo Finance.

27 Mar 2023

Andersen LLP – The Permanent Establishment Concept – Latest Developments

Miles Dean and Chimezirim Echendu discuss permanent establishment and views expressed by three European tax authorities on the topic.

7 Mar 2023

Corporation Tax should remain at 19 per cent – Des Hanna

International Tax Director, Des Hanna, discusses the planned rise in Corporation Tax from 19 to 25 per cent and why the rate should remain unchanged, in WealthBriefing.

6 Mar 2023

Miles Dean and Des Hanna comment on the drop in prosecutions of tax evasion enablers in WealthBriefing, IFA Magazine and CityWealth

Head of International Tax, Miles Dean, and International Tax Director, Des Hanna, comment on the 80 per cent drop in prosecutions of those enabling tax evasion, in CityWealth, IFA Magazine, and WealthBriefing.

28 Feb 2023

Hong Kong: Highlights of the New Foreign Source Income Exemption Regime – Chimezirim Echendu

International Associate, Chimezirim Echendu, discusses Hong Kong’s new foreign source income exemption regime.

22 Feb 2023

Miles Dean highlights the need for tax relief in the Daily Mail and The Independent

Partner and Head of International Tax, Miles Dean, highlights the need for more commercial instinct and tax relief from the government, in the Daily Mail and The Independent.

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