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17 Oct 2022

Andrew Park comments on the impact of home working on HMRC’s performance, in The Times

Tax Investigations Partner, Andrew Park, comments on the deleterious impact of the shift to home working on HMRC’s performance, in The Times.

Andrew’s comments were published in the print edition of The Times, 15 October 2022, and in the digital edition, 16 October 2022, and can be found here.

“Clearly it is not coincidental that HMRC’s performance deteriorated so rapidly during the Covid epidemic and its aftermath.

“When one considers what changed so radically at HMRC during the period and what fundamental change it has endured, the inescapable conclusion is that the accelerated and wholesale shift to home working at HMRC has proven to be a productivity disaster.”

Andrew Park

Andrew is the Tax Investigations Partner at Andersen LLP. He specialises in providing solutions to tax problems and resolving investigations and voluntary disclosures with HMRC.

Email: Andrew Park