Press Room

21 Feb 2023

Andersen teaches crypto literacy and highlights crypto’s role in philanthropy

Zoe Wyatt, Partner and Head of Crypto Tax and Accounting, recently partook in the “Crypto for Good” breakfast, where leading crypto experts and philanthropists met to discuss how to engage the crypto industry into philanthropy.

She is passionate about the role charitable decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) can play in enabling donors to determine how their donations are deployed, which has the potential to remove significant waste.

Zoe commented: “As the crypto industry matures, I look forward to seeing how crypto-related philanthropy grows with it, and facilitating this growth to the utmost degree. There is endless potential for this exciting, growing sector to focus a significant sum of its resources towards deserving causes, and in a well-targeted manner!”

Meanwhile, Dion Seymour, Crypto Tax and Accounting Technical Director, recently delivered a guest lecture discussing crypto and its tax implications to Financial Technology M.Sc. students at the University of Liverpool’s Management School.

He has an intimate understanding of not only the crypto industry generally, but also the government’s approach to taxing, regulating, and investigating cryptoassets, as he was formerly the cryptoasset policy and product owner at HMRC prior to commencing his role at Andersen.

Dion commented: “I cannot overemphasise the importance of enhancing general crypto literacy, and am very grateful indeed to both Associate Professor Gavin Brown and all of his students who attended my lecture. I look forward to watching the next generation of innovators and thinkers engage with the crypto industry.”